TThe BaseSpion® is a great tool for any light measurement laboratory. It allows you to measure all midrange lighting products.

The 2-axis goniometer enables the system to measure the full 3D distribution field of any lamp or luminaire, which provides lighting professionals with comprehensive LDT and IES simulation files.


The BaseSpion is the perfect solution for any midsize laboratory that is in need of advanced light measurements in a compact system. The solution is simply the best solution for LED chips, modules, panels, downlights, bulbs and spots.


The design of the system makes it very flexible to work with in any lighting laboratory. The goniometer drivers and power analyzer are all built in. Just connect via USB to any computer and obtain results in 30 seconds. The BaseSpionis easily connected to your computer via a USB connector.  The Viso Light Inspector software is available for download from our website. The user interface displays the measured data in a clear and simple way, while also allowing for more detailed investigation of the obtained data.




  • Shipping weight 30 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 205-360 x 56 x 55 cm
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Sensor distance 35 cm to 450 cm
  • Sensor distance >= lamp length x10 (min x8)
  • Sensor distance setup Automatic rail distance sensor
  • Lamp diameter range 0 – 560 mm at 2-axis
  • Lamp maximum weight 9 kg


  • Measurement method Far Field
  • Lumen and candela accuracy +/- 4%
  • Max lumen @ 4.5 m     608,000 +/- 4.00%
  • Max intensity, candela @ 4.5 m 203,000 <+/- 2.5%
  • Colour temperature 1,000 K – 10,000 K <+/- 35 K
  • Colour rendering index 0-100 <+/- 0.7
  • Angular resolution BASIC MODE 5 degrees/step
  • Angular resolution HIGH MODE 0.1 degrees/step
  • Spectrometer type Ibsen Photonics FREEDOM
  • Custom viso (high sensitive transmission grating)
  • Spectrometer range 360-830 nm (1,024 pixels)
  • Spectrometer detector SONY ILX511B
  • Calibration Fully calibrated plug and play solution


  • Power supply input 90 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power analyzer voltage range 90 VAC – 260 VAC <+/- 0.2 V
  • Power analyzer current range 0 A – 3 A (Avg: +/- 0.15 mA)
  • Power analyzer power range 0 W – 300 W (Avg: +/- 0.1 W)
  • Power analyzer sample rate 70,000 samples/sec

Universal bracket that easily clicks onto the goniometer.


Before measurement simply slide, align and lock lamp to center.


Base center lock makes it easy to fix lamps during alignment.


The automatic sensor positioning system insures accurate distance.



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