Korean distributor
Expanding further the company’s global presence, Viso Systems is proud to announce Radiant Solution as it’s distributor in South Korea. Radiant Solution is a company that specializes in providing R&D and testing […]
growth lighting
The technology within agricultural lighting, also known as horticultural lighting, is growing at an ever-increasing rate, which is boosted by the LED devices being incorporated into new horticultural lighting products. […]
Marine Lighting client
The passionate founders behind the Norwegian company Luminell AS are David Fink and Petter Veiberg. They have built up exceptional competences within product development of marine LED technology.The demand for […]
Belid client
Belid is a Swedish lighting manufacturer started in 1974. All manufacturing takes place at their factory in Varberg, Sweden.Today, 170 staff works at Belid designing and producing a large range […]
Light quality control
Version 4.89 of the Light Inspector software now supports custom design of PDF reports. This powerful new feature allows you to fully customize your report design and to encorporate your […]
BOT client
Near Venice – Italy,  with 30 years in the lighting business and with more than 2000 resellers, Bot Lighting has expanded their lighting laboratory facilities with the Viso LabSpion. Mr. […]
Safibra distributor
Safibra will be supporting Viso customers in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Safibra has more than 16 years of experience in the world of photonics working with spectrometer and fiber technology. […]
Ledra client
Ledra Brands located in Tustin, California has chosen the Viso LabSpion for their new light measurement lab. The diversity of the LabSpion is giving Ledra the possibility of measuring virtually […]
Video client
Viso has helped making goniospectrometers fast and easy to use making older technologies less attractive.Click here to watch video.
Light quality control
The latest version of the Light Inspector software now supports TM30. The TM30 is the first color rendering index since the CRI, which has been internationally verified by the organisation […]
Photometry team Bolls
The Bolls test center has expanded its services to include light measurement. The center located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark was founded in 1998 giving customers a one stop shop for […]
Photometry team Vestel
One of the leading Turkish companies operating in manufacturing technologies of consumer electronics, household appliances, multimedia communication and LED lighting, has decided to expand their know-how by adding the Viso […]
DTU Fotonik light measurement
The increased popularity and a widespread application of LED devices require new ways of their certification. Technical data should be reliable, accurate and, more importantly, reproducible. Therefore a number of […]
Photometric applications - entertainment lighting
LabSpion system is expanding its applicability towards entertainment lighting! One of the most famous entertainment lighting companies in Europe, Highlite, set up LabSpion as a professional light measurement laboratory at […]
Technical University of Denmark photometry
We are pleased to announce a novel possibility of light measurement in Florida! Viso Systems is expanding and launching a Fort Lauderdale office @ ShowCat in Florida, USA. This new […]
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