The LabSpion measurement system had its debut in the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt. The interest was immense, which led to its further introduction in major European cities. Installations were completed […]
Technical University of Denmark photometry
The new EU regulation (EU No 1194/2012) requires that directional lamps are measured in a 90° or 120° cone. Meaning that only light emitted inside the cone counts as luminous […]
DTU Fotonik light measurement
The Viso LightSpion portable goniometer system was tested at the Technical University of Danish (DTU). Senior scientist Carsten Dam-Hansen (DTU Photonics) tested a series of LED light bulbs in their […]
Useful lumen definition
New EU regulation requires directional light sources and luminous flux to be measured within a 90° or a 120° cone. Luminous flux measurements are normally done at full 360° in […]
Teaching light photometry
Henrik Clausen, one of Scandinavia’s most skilled lighting experts, explains how they use the LightSpion at the Fagerhult academy to test light sources and educate their employees about light. Fagerhult […]
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